Great music needs patience. It demands faith when many doubt our output. Great music requires nurturing and support, vulnerability and trust. Great music is hard work, toil in bedrooms, studios, and empty venues fueled by the hope that someday someone will
give a fuck.

The history of the American Music Industry is a disheartening one, which largely details the exploitation of artists and musicians by opportunists and those
without the musicians’ best interests at heart.

For too long musicians have had too little voice in the manufacture, distribution and promotion of their music on a national and international level and too little means to extract fair support and compensation for their work.

Manufacturing and distribution monopolies concentrate the power of over majority of music sold into the hands of five labels. With huge media mergers continuing to consolidate the decisions of what to play and promote, it becomes more and more difficult for artists to gain exposure through the few remaining coveted radio spots.


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